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Source: Freeform

Season 4 of 'The Bold Type' Could Find Jane Newly Single but Not Ready to Leave Ryan Behind


When Season 3 of The Bold Type left off, Jane had just found out about Ryan kissing someone else and she lost Jacqueline at Scarlet. She just had a lot going on and it’s only natural that most of it will seep into Season 4, which premieres on Jan. 23, without missing a beat. Obviously no one wants to see Jane scrambling to pick up the pieces after losing her in-house friend and mentor, but the real question is about Jane and Ryan and whether or not they are still together.

So, are Jane and Ryan broken up on 'The Bold Type'?

According to an exclusive clip from Season 4 that was obtained by Entertainment Tonight, Jane could find herself taking a break from Ryan, if only to please him, in a roundabout way. In the clip, he admits that he doesn’t expect her to forgive him for kissing another woman while on his book tour. Cut to Jane totally feeling herself and potentially making out with someone else too.