This Crab-y Wildcard on 'The Masked Singer' Is a New Jack Swing Pioneer (SPOILERS)

Fans are wondering who the Crab on 'The Masked Singer' is, after the arrival of the second wildcard character for Group B. Here's who he really was.


Apr. 21 2021, Updated 10:30 p.m. ET

'The Masked Singer'
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Spoiler Alert: Ken Jeong called it! The Crab on Season 5 of The Masked Singer was one of the Kings of New Jack Swing, Bobby Brown. Read on to see who fans predicted.

Television sensation The Masked Singer has everyone on the edge of their seats each week, trying to guess the celebrity behind the costume. Season 5 recently introduced their second wildcard character, the Crab, and everyone is speculating about who it could be. 

Keep reading for our best guesses.

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The Crab has left some significant clues to guide fans along.

First, the clue package. The Crab began by saying that he "dreamed of being a star" and felt "blessed" that his dream had come true. He also mentioned that at one point he felt like a "King Crab," but later experienced a tragedy in the family that knocked him off that pedestal. 

Other clues in the package involved the equation 2 + 3, a broken mirror, and a Mona Lisa painting. 

who is the crab the masked singer
Source: FOX
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Smaller clues related to the Crab included figurines of past contestants Gladys Knight (The Bee) and Michelle Williams (The Butterfly), jellyfish, and the fact that his first crush was on Janet Jackson. 

The Crab also said he grew up in "hard times." During the presentation of his clues, the Crab's claws were also being taped up. 

Now onto the physical clues: The Crab has a very intricate costume and bright blue-and-purple suit that also appears to have a purple mustache attached to it. The costume is lined with quite a few glittery rhinestones, but the singer doesn't appear to be mobile enough to move around much. 

In other words, whoever is in the costume likely isn't a dancer. 

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That being said, the Crab's soulful, smooth voice indicates that this celebrity might be known for his vocal talents, and several of the judges' guesses have gone along those same lines. 

Ken Jeong has guessed Lenny Kravitz or Bobby Brown in the past, while Robin Thicke predicted Johnny Gill is behind the mask thanks to several "fishy" clues. 

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'Masked Singer' fans agree with one of the judges when it comes to guesses...

While fans have only seen the Crab perform once, the judges might be on to something. On Twitter, fans of the show have been speculating about the Crab's identity after seeing his heartfelt performance of "Ain't No Sunshine." 

Many agreed with the judges that the person under the costume could be Bobby Brown, but others weren't as sure. 

crab masked singer guesses
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Bobby Brown, Sam Jones, and Jimmie Walker

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One observant Twitter user made the suggestion that the Crab could be Sam Jones based on clues. He said "like a flash" in reference to Flash Gordon, and "2 + 3" could indicate his sets of children from his different marriages. 

Someone else suggested it could be Jimmie Walker because of a clue they thought was a reference to his television show, Good Times

Whoever the Crab may be, it sounds like the judges are starting to get a better idea. This season on The Masked Singer, many fan guesses have been spot-on, so perhaps they'll be right once more. 

Watch all-new episodes of The Masked Singer on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on FOX.

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