The Girl in 'Loki' Episode 2
Source: Disney Plus

There Are a Ton of Theories About Who Sophia Di Martino's Character Is in 'Loki'


Jun. 17 2021, Published 6:24 p.m. ET

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Episode 2 of Loki.

So far in Loki, we’ve seen Loki enter into the universe of the Time Variance Authority (TVA) and team up with Mobius to catch an elusive time variant believed to be a version of Loki. But in the Marvel universe, nothing ever is as it really seems. The introduction of a new girl in Loki Episode 2 now has us asking more questions than before.

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The girl, portrayed by Sophia Di Martino, reveals herself as the variant Loki has been chasing. When Loki shouts to her, “What do you want with me?” she pulls back her hood and sneers, “This isn’t about you.” So is she Lady Loki, as many of us expected, or could the girl in Loki Episode 2 be someone totally different?

The Girl in 'Loki' Episode 2
Source: Disney Plus
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There is a theory that the girl in ‘Loki’ Episode 2 is actually Marvel character Sylvie Lushton.

Who is Sylvie Lushton? Well, she is a character created in the Marvel comics by Loki. Whether he fathered Sylvie or created her through magic or just gave her powers is unclear, but the two are directly related. She is thought to actually be more powerful than Loki while sharing his powers of manipulation and trickery.

Sylvie Lushton Marvel comics
Source: Marvel
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According to the comics, Loki creates her because he thinks it would be fun to see a mortal who believes they are special. He basically creates her to create chaos, in classic Loki fashion.

The girl in the show has blond locks and a youthful appearance that are not far off from the Sylvie Lushton comic book character, who eventually calls herself the Enchantress. Loki even says in the Roxxcart, “enchantment is a clever trick.” So could the girl be Sylvie?

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One Easter egg in the credits actually kick-started this theory, when Sophia’s character is listed as “Sylvie” in the Spanish credits to Loki Episode 2. On the other hand, Marvel could be knowingly throwing us off just to mess with us.

Most Marvel fans believe that the girl in ‘Loki’ Episode 2 is Lady Loki.

Prior to the release of Loki, many fans anticipated the introduction of Lady Loki. Add in the tease that Loki’s sex is canonically “fluid” according to the TVA intake form, and Lady Loki’s appearance seems to be a sure thing.

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In the comic books, the first time we see Loki as a woman is actually in a 2007 comic, when Loki hijacks the body of Lady Sif, so that Lady Loki is a bit different from how we imagine her today.

That original comic is largely considered transphobic, but Loki has since announced their gender fluidity in later comics and iterations of themself. In Loki: Where Mischief Lies, Loki explains “I feel equally comfortable as either [man or woman]. I don’t change my gender. I exist as both.”

Lady Loki in the Marvel Comics
Source: Marvel
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Not only are we told throughout Loki that the time variant is a version of Loki, but the girl is dressed very Loki-like. Her dark cape and color scheme with the green magic, plus her golden horns, all point to her being a Loki.

On the other hand, can we really believe everything the TVA is telling us? We’re getting major Ministry of Magic vibes, which doesn’t necessarily make the TVA the most reliable source of information.

Is the Girl Lady Loki in 'Loki' Episode 2?
Source: Disney Plus
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But if the girl in Loki Episode 2 is Lady Loki, is she good or bad? When is she from? She could be a version of the Loki we’re seeing from another point in time, or she could be from a different universe altogether.

That’s the fun thing about introducing the multiverse — there are multiple versions of everyone from all dimensions, realities, and times. And the fun thing about introducing any new Loki? Loki is now fully chaotic-neutral, so they could take the story anywhere.

There’s another shocking theory about the who the girl in ‘Loki’ Episode 2 is.

Some fans actually believe that Mobius could be another Loki in disguise. Loki is able to transform into different beings, so it’s not totally out of the question. In this theory, the girl has some sort of relationship to Loki-Mobius, potentially Loki's actual daughter, so that’s why Mobius is so determined to find her.

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Loki and Mobius in Episode 2 'Loki'
Source: Disney Plus

However, there’s one pretty big plot hole in this theory — Loki can’t use magic within the TVA, so disguising himself as Mobius seems pretty impossible. However, this doesn’t rule out the very likely theory that the girl may not be the villain, but that it’s actually the TVA. Could we see Mobius team up with Loki and the girl?

Whoever the girl is, she is already an agent of chaos in the MCU and in our minds.

New episodes of Loki drop every Wednesday on Disney Plus.

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