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Source: Instagram

Fans Think that This Character is the Killer on 'Nancy Drew,' and It Makes Sense, TBH


Most of us grew up thinking about Nancy Drew as the wholesome young teenager who solved crimes in her community dressed in plaid skirts and matching cardigans. The Emma Roberts-led 2007 movie of the same name confirmed this caricature in a more modern setting as well. 

On The CW's new series, Nancy Drew, the teen detective is unlike any other rendition we've seen before and the murder at the center of the series is far more gruesome.

Fans are playing armchair detectives for the series, as Nancy (Kennedy McMann) and her pals try to figure out who killed Tiffany Hudson, the wife of a prominent businessman in town. Who's the killer on Nancy Drew? Inside the fan theory that is picking up steam, and the other suspects that the show has hinted at already.