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This Outraged Woman Called The Cops When Her Drug Dealer Hiked Up Prices

 Some people are just more inclined to seek justice — those of us who just must right wrongs when we see them, whatever the personal cost.  

 There's one gross injustice that's in need of vigilante justice: small time drug dealers overcharging for marijuana. How are we to respond to being ripped off when it comes to cannabis?  

One Australian woman, according to the Nothern Territory Police, had an interesting solution — she decided to call the authorities.

Is your drug dealer ripping you off? A call to police yesterday had to top the list of ‘unusual’. A woman called...

Posted by Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services on Sunday, January 29, 2017

The police department took to Facebook to warn future victims of the major rip off — and urged people to call in for help when forced to overpay for drugs.

 "Is your drug dealer ripping you off?" the post read. Police went on to describe the crime at hand:

A call to police yesterday had to top the list of 'unusual'.

A woman called police to complain about the price of marijuana in her community, reporting that her local drug dealer had asked for more money than the usual.

Completely offended, the woman demanded that police investigate this 'outrageous' price hike. When asked for further details, the woman hung up.

 But never fear, law enforcement is here to save the day: "If you know a drug dealer who is ripping you off, give us a call, we'd love to help," the post concluded. 

In all fairness to the ripped-off smoker, people have contacted authorities for all kinds of reasons.

 Back in 2016, a woman called police after a rejected male companion revenge farted in her home, "disturbing her peace of mind." 

 Even worse, one heartless woman tried to call the cops on a child selling candy outside Target without a permit. So, trying to maintain a little order in the drug dealing industry hardly seems unfair.  

We sincerely hope the offending drug dealer has been brought to justice — and by that, we mean 'forced to lower his prices.'

 The cost of weed is too damn high. (h/t ktvb