Veterinarians Are Side-Eyeing TikTok's Latest Bark at Your Dog Challenge

TikTok's latest challenge, "Bark at Your Dog," has caused a huge divide on social media and beyond due to the treatment of fur babies.

Tatayana Yomary - Author

Dec. 2 2021, Published 4:32 p.m. ET

Viral trends and challenges are an integral part of social media. And thanks to TikTok, creators and influencers are now elevating their celebrity and dominating the social media space. From dance challenges and fitness trends to life hacks and singing videos, the possibilities are truly endless. And the latest trend that has TikTok creators in a chokehold is the Bark at Your Dog Challenge.

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The name pretty much sums up what the Bark at Your Dog Challenge entails, but it has caused quite the divide on social media and beyond. It’s no secret that TikTok is home to dangerous viral trends. And since safety is of the utmost concern, it’s important for everyone to know what can happen with this challenge. So, what is the Bark at Your Dog Challenge all about? Keep reading to get the full scoop.

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Many social media users believe that the Bark at Your Dog Challenge is harmful to dogs.

As we mentioned above, TikTok’s Bark at Your Dog Challenge consists of creators barking at their dogs and recording their reactions. While the act in itself may seem innocent, it has caused many people to worry about how dogs are actually affected.

For starters, TikToker @theglamjew’s video had many commentators laughing at his dog's response and making plenty of jokes in the comment section. However, a few people also called out the possible negative effects of barking at a dog.

“He’s letting you know that was disrespectful. He’s questioning his loyalty to you,” one person commented.

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And according to veterinarian Dr. Jo Wodnutt, there may be some truth to this notion that the challenge is unsafe for dogs.

"In this trend, people are barking at their dogs without regard to their body language or tone, and there’s a risk this could be misinterpreted," Jo told Petsradar.

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He continued, “I’ve seen several videos where the owner is sitting very close to the dog’s face, and staring at them – which is an aggressive move in the dog world. Reading the dogs’ body language, many of them are already a bit nervous about the situation and aren’t sure what’s going on — they’re on edge.”

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And since these dogs are provoked, there is a chance that the furry friends can act aggressively and possibly attack us. Plus, Dr. Jo also shared that this can cause dogs to start biting.

Despite veterinarians and many social media users sharing their distaste for the trend, it has taken on a life of its own.

Like all seemingly fun TikTok trends, the Bark at Your Dog Challenge continues to grow in numbers on the app. As of this writing, the challenge has garnered a whopping 117 million views.

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Many of the videos have amassed thousands of views and likes, including @venusvidivici's TikTok, which has brought in over 1.1 million likes.

So the question stands: Will TikTok creators lay off the Bark at Your Dog Challenge? Only time will tell. But it's important to spread the word that this challenge may be best to skip out on for fear of physical and mental harm to yourself and your furry friend.

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