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If Interviewees Fail This Boss' "Coffee Test," He Won't Hire Them No Matter What


The boss of a software company revealed his number one hiring tactic to ensure new employees fit in with the company's culture, and it has everything to do with a single cup of coffee.

There's something very informal and universal about a cup of coffee. If you're asking someone out for coffee, it's kind of a low-stakes situation. It's not like taking someone out to dinner or even lunch, which is probably why so many people decide it's the best first date idea.

I've had some of the best dates and meet-ups with friends at coffee shops and I think that air of informality helps people to relax and be themselves without the need to "perform" or put on airs, so to speak. This can go one of two ways. For some, they show how naturally awesome their personality is. For others, it shows how naturally awful they are.

One might think that's a heck of a lot to read into a single cup of coffee, but as far as Trent Innes is concerned, it tells him all he needs to know about an applicant to his tech company, Xero Australia. While applying for a job is kind of different from pursuing someone romantically, the general idea is the same: it helps to give a general idea about an individual's personality.

Trent takes it very seriously; those who fail his "coffee test" are blacklisted from ever being hired from his business. He revealed the trick while speaking on the business podcast The Ventures, and said it goes down the same every time.