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People Are Buying Bedazzled "Bridal Crocs" for Their Special Day



Some "bridal Crocs" on Etsy are causing a bit of a kerfuffle online, mostly because folks are having a hard time understanding why anyone would wear the comfortable but unsightly hunks of plastic on their feet on their wedding day.

I'm not someone who particularly cares about high-fashion or low-fashion that much. In fact, my staunch opposition through a "norm-core" anti-fashion lifestyle might be considered a fashion statement itself.

I'd like to think that, but the truth is I'm just lazy and my hips are far too wide and butt way too big for me to find men's pants I can squeeze into that don't make me look like a sausage hanging up in your friendly neighborhood Italian grocery store.

But even my fashion-deprived soul knows Crocs are ugly. Sure, I almost exclusively wear t-shirts that come in a three pack and own several pairs of the same dark blue Old Navy pants... but you'll never see me rocking Crocs.

However, some people seem to think the uncool footwear is anything but uncool. In fact, they'd even like to wear them to their wedding. For many, the day they get married is an occasion to look their best. In the weeks leading up to the glamorous affair, people diet, hit the gym hard, partake in strenuous skincare routines, and spend hours, if not days finding the perfect clothes, makeup, and hair for the occasion.

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I'd wager that not many people would add Crocs to the list of ensemble must-haves for their wedding day, but Etsy designer PrincessPumps begs to differ. They're begging to differ so hard that they took a pair of white Crocs and decked them out in sequins so brides can walk down the aisle or dance the night away in the ultimate comfort.

Here's what they look like in all their bedazzled glory:

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Understandably, more than a few people are utterly appalled at the idea of Crocs appearing anywhere near their wedding, let alone strapping them on their feet when they say, "I do" to their beloved.

Source: twitter
Source: twitter

Then there were some who, whether jokingly or not, claimed they would actually wear them on their wedding day. If they meant they'd slap them on to unwind after the ceremony and hoity-toity photos were taken is one thing, but if they honestly wanted to rock them while they exchanged vows, I'd put on my judging face.

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As weird as these accessories may seem to some people, it turns out there are tons of other Croc abominations that "shouldn't exist," yet designers have custom made them for distinguishing Crocs connoissieurs all over the internet.

Like these ones that have fanny packs on the back, for some odd reason.

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Combining two fashion no-nos, mathematically, should cancel each other out. Two negatives equal a positive, right? Wrong. It doesn't work like that; it just becomes doubly bad.

These "Visor Crocs" are somehow even worse, and the fringed moccasin style pair that follows takes a close second.

Source: twitter
Source: twitter

In other bizarre, Crocs-related news, you have people who are filling their holey footwear up with shaving cream and then shoving their feet inside of them to witness, and record, the explosive aftermath.

The internet sure is a wonderful place.

Who knew that Crocs could be so gosh-darned versatile?

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