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Source: istock

People Post Craigslist Ad for Roommate Who's Never Home


The poster of a Craigslist ad is getting called out for essentially seeking a paying roommate who would never actually be around to use the apartment.

It's difficult to move on from a good experience to a less ideal situation. Anyone who had a rent-controlled apartment and decided to switch neighborhoods will know what I'm talking about.

Currently, I've got a pretty sweet setup for my location and can't imagine what it would be like to "downgrade" for more money in my area should my current living situation ever be compromised. It's why I value and cherish every month I've got in my current apartment with my family. I realize it's an amazing deal and I'd be foolish to think I could get the same kind of setup anywhere else.

But that doesn't mean it wouldn't bother me if I had to move out and pay higher-market prices for the same standard of living. The trouble is, most people can't separate their feelings from reality, which might've been what happed with these peeps who were looking for a roommate after their previous one decided to move out.

You see, they loved this particular roommate, not because they enjoyed their personality, but because they were a flight attendant who was almost never home.