These "Mutual-Stalker" Couples Are the Opposite of #RelationshipGoals


Oct. 14 2019, Updated 1:31 p.m. ET

It's a wonderfully terrible feeling to be in love. To think about a person all day, every day, to look at someone who just lights up your brain and has you wondering what they're doing at every minute. You feel like an idiot, but it's a terrific stupidity that warms you, and makes you want to proclaim your love to the rest of the world. So you tell your friends and family members, you change your relationship status on Facebook, you know, the usual.

Or you can go a little further and be more like these couples that everyone on Twitter is calling "creepy."

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We've all seen those lovebirds that take their public displays of affection a little too far. We're not talking about putting your boyfriend or girlfriend as your #MCM or #WCM in an Insta post, we're talking about the constant, paragraph long posts about how the person they're with now is their one and only and they can't imagine life without them. 

Who exactly are these overly sappy posts for? Everyone knows that there's probably trouble in paradise at that point, science pretty much has confirmed it.

But the way this couple expresses their love for one another will make even the most petulantly "lovestruck" couples on your Facebook feed look tame by comparison. It started with Twitter user @Pink_Punanii's tweet that featured a series of photos taken by couples who were very, very into one another. In her caption of the pics, PP wrote, "I wanna be this obsessed with my relationship." Which many users took issue with, because, well, just wait till you see the photos and it's easy to understand why.

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It's also quite troubling that she wrote that she wants to be "obsessed" with her relationship as if being in one is a defining trait of an individual. There's no greater feeling than being in love with someone, but I'd argue that you wouldn't need to plaster your wall wutg a creepy, serial-killer-esque collage of photos in the shape of a heart to celebrate that love.

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All right, so maybe the gigantic heart is a little too much — perhaps it'll clash with the mural above your headboard of all the times your main squeeze has said, "I love you." May I then interest you in a cell phone case with both of you holding stacks of cash? In fact, you'll have so much money, like the woman in the photo below, that it'll shatter the fabric of your reality and you'll be able to communicate to your friends wirelessly through a wad of dough.

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Or maybe you want to go even bigger and think that your entire home should be a monument to your love. We're talking professional portraits of the two of you sleeping on each other. You can up the ante even more by getting your bedsheets covered with your faces, so even when you're getting frisky in the bedroom, no matter where you look, you'll be reminded of how special your union is. Doesn't sound like overkill at all.

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If all of this You-inspired paraphernalia seems like a waking nightmare, then you're not alone. There are tons of people on Twitter who felt the exact same way.

People were quick to point out to PP that there's seriously something wrong with this behavior, and maybe it's a tad unhealthy to obsess over the person you're romantically interested in to the point where it seems like act one of every stalker movie. 

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PP began attacking people who criticized her tweet for still being single, and posted montages of her own relationship to show how in love she is. You know, so the haters can suck it.

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People weren't letting up, however, and it seemed like there were tons of individuals who were overly concerned with this Twitter user's fascination with extreme public shows of affection and being "obsessed" with her significant other, than those who thought it was somehow cute or endearing.

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What say you? Are you just a curmudgeon because you've never been that in love with someone? Or have you been but don't go around acting like a "psychopath" showcasing it because you're secure in your relationship?

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