Lap Dance Video Star Donald Mobelini May Not Be a Small-Town Mayor Much Longer

Donald Mobelini is one of the subjects of pictures featuring students lap dancing on teachers, and many want to know what his political party is.


Oct. 28 2021, Published 10:25 a.m. ET

The small town of Hazard, Ky. is the subject of national headlines after pictures emerged of Hazard High School students giving lap dances to teachers and staff as part of a Homecoming event. The superintendent of schools has opened an investigation into the pictures, and also said that "appropriate disciplinary action" has been taken in the wake of the pictures emerging.

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Who is Donald Mobelini?

One of the subjects of these photos is Hazard High School principal Donald Mobelini, who appears to be receiving lap dances from students. Donald, who goes by "Happy," also serves as the mayor of Hazard. Donald was also the subject of a Reddit thread titled "This is the mayor of my town being grinded on by a high school student dressed as a woman." The post has more than 450 comments and more than 7,500 upvotes.

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The pictures of the event were initially posted by the school's official Facebook page, but were eventually taken down once it became clear that they were causing a major controversy. The event in question was described as a "Man Pageant" and "Costume Day" which featured students wearing scant clothing in addition to offering lap dances to certain teachers.

What is Donald Mobelini's political party?

In the wake of this controversy, many were curious about what Donald's political affiliations are. Although Donald is a public figure and politician, little information is available on which party he is affiliated with. He has a lengthy statement on the City of Hazard website, but the statement does not reveal which political party he supports.

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"What sets Hazard apart from other communities is our unique character," Donald's statement reads. "Hazard is quirky and creative, from our arts and entertainment to our special events, architecture, restaurants and shops. As a community, we must safeguard, enhance and celebrate what is special about Hazard, and as a government, we must protect and promote our uniqueness."

Source: Twitter
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Some were surprised that Donald allowed the "man pageant" to happen.

Even as an investigation gets underway into what happened at Hazard High School, one member of the Hazard school board has expressed surprise that Donald allowed this to happen. "Normally, the principal, Happy Mobelini, is pretty dad-gum strict, so that surprises me, unless someone pulled something out of a hat,” board member Aster Sizemore told The Courier Journal. "A kid comes to school with a short dress, you know, he makes them go home and change."

This is not the only controversy surrounding Donald. In 2008, photos emerged of him driving while his daughter and her teenage friends were drinking in the vehicle. Donald is also currently the subject of a lawsuit, along with two teachers, which was filed by a former student who claims she was sexually assaulted on a junior class trip to Washington, D.C. in 2017.

The lawsuit alleges that Donald and the two teachers, who were chaperones on the trip, told the student that the assault was "all her fault" and encouraged her not to press charges. The chaperones also brought the alleged attacker into the room with her, and encouraged them to confront one another.

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