Gabbie Hanna Calls out Fellow YouTuber for Critiques of Her Poetry

On Twitter and Instagram, Gabbie Hanna claims Rachel Oates "bullied" and "harassed" her over her poetry books, of which she has two.

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Apr. 20 2021, Updated 3:34 p.m. ET

Gabbie Hanna
Source: Instagram

Controversial YouTuber Gabbie Hanna has kept a pretty low profile over the past year. While she's still posting content online, the creator has stepped back from her typical content to promote her music and other creative endeavors more.

While Gabbie may be breaking into the music scene with some success, her works of poetry have often been met with mixed and sometimes critical reviews. Gabbie's defense of her work is at the center of her latest controversy.

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Gabbie has published two poetry books.

In 2017, Gabbie published her first book of poetry, Adultolescence, to mixed reviews from readers. Leading up to her first book's publish date, Gabbie made multiple videos documenting her publishing progress, showing some of the drawings she had done for the pages and discussing layout details.

The title became a New York Times bestseller, and it was described by readers as Rupi Kaur-style poetry meets the internet. The ratings vary anywhere from 1.7 stars on Google to 4.7 on Audible.

gabbie hanna poetry books
Source: Instagram
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In 2020, Gabbie published a second book of poetry, titled Dandelion. It follows a similar format to her first. While the first was marketed as a book of poems about the harsh realities of growing up and reflecting on her own past traumas, her second was pegged as an exploration of "the inner-workings of [her] mind," and it received more favorable reviews.

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Gabbie claims Rachel Oates mocked and "bullied" her poetry online.

In a series of Instagram stories and tweets, Gabbie called out fellow YouTuber Rachel Oates specifically for her negative reviews of her poetry books.

"I think it's really lame that a bunch of non-creative, insecure, neurotypical people dragged my poetry for months for views on YouTube and TikTok instead of creating their own art," Gabbie said in a tweet.

She later called out Rachel specifically, sharing screenshots of Rachel's YouTube videos she made about Gabbie's books, in which Rachel shared less-than-favorable opinions of her work.

"I also just wanna say that Rachel [Oates] took the time to write a book from the perspective of a dog (since I wrote mine from the perspective of an abused child) to mock me, yet she's still too much of a coward to release under her own name," Gabbie said in a follow-up tweet. "What a *loser* lmao."

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Gabbie continued posting on her Instagram stories, where she claims that Rachel has been "bullying" and "gaslighting" her since 2018, calling her a "manipulative, narcissistic, b---h" and a "f--king monster."

Rachel replied to Gabbie's claims on her own Instagram, which has seemingly since been deleted. In an Instagram story, she claims that her most recent review of Gabbie's book was from October and denies that she bullies Gabbie for sharing her abuse.

"I never have and never would make fun of someone's trauma or mental health. Anyone who knows me or has seen any of my videos can tell this," she starts the post. She continued, "I critiqued and analyzed the poetry. I never mocked the subject matter. I critiqued the quality of the writing. I parodied poor and lazy technique but never the subject matter."

Rachel also claims to be getting death threats from Gabbie's followers, which is likely what prompted her to deactivate her accounts. 

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