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Who Is Georgia Landscaper on TikTok? Plus, Details on His Beef With Content Violation

Who Is Georgia Landscaper on TikTok? The viral social media user is currently feuding with Content Violation — details on the drama.

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May 17 2021, Published 5:20 p.m. ET

When you think of viral TikTok stars, young adults such as Charli D'Amelio or Addison Rae may immediately pop into your mind. But with the explosive popularity of the short-form video platform, more and more people from generations other than Gen Z are going viral.

In 2020, Nathan Apodaca became an internet sensation after garnering millions of followers when he posted a video of himself skateboarding and drinking Ocean Spray cranberry juice to the hit song "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac.

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Now, the 38-year-old father-of-two has almost 7 million followers, sponsorship deals, and his own line of merch. With more people joining TikTok and creating their own "brand" and voice on the platform, it's no surprise that new viral users are popping up daily. 

Another older TikTok user who has garnered a large following is funnyman Tim Shipman, aka Georgia Landscaper. Keep reading to learn more about him.

georgia landscaper
Source: Instagram
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Who is TikTok user Georgia Landscaper? What to know about the drama between him and Content Violation.

With almost 1 million followers on the social media app, Georgia Landscaper has created a brand that focuses on posting videos and providing commentary from his southern viewpoint, participating in duets with other creators, and sharing videos of places he's traveled to.

Because of his viral popularity, this TikTok star performs at comedy shows and travels around to do meet-and-greets with other TikTokers.

Georgia Landscaper was recently on a tour that has been dubbed the Content Violation Tour, which he attended along with fellow creators. However, Georgia Landscaper has since left the tour and has been beefing with Ride Along, aka Content Violation members.

In a recent TikTok video, @Officer_Eudy addressed the drama. "A few weeks ago, dating back several months, Georgia the Landscaper started doing stuff that was unethical, immoral, and not what we stand for as a group," he shared. "Georgia was approached by our agent and advised to take time off."

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He went on to tell followers that the remaining members wanted Georgia to get his "mind right" and to "take care" of himself and "come back to us in the right mindset." "Georgia completely flipped the script and said that we kicked him out of the group," he added. "That was not true."

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@Officer_Eudy continued, "Georgia has been s--tting on Content Violation, my brothers, my agent, and the poeple that have supported me, including you. The followers of Georgia, I understand your frustration. We love Georgia and we miss Georgia, but Georgia put this on himself. This had nothing to do with anybody in this group."

The TikToker stated that Georgia has accepted "zero responsibility" for his actions; however, he did not elaborate on what the former member did.

In response to the video, Georgia posted a video on Instagram which he captioned, "What a load of [poop emoji]."

"All I'm gonna say is I forgive you guys," he said. "You guys are not gonna live rent-free in my head." He added, "I forgive all the people that have blocked and unfollowed me and said hateful things to me over something that you were told, not anything that you witnessed. I'm gonna go enjoy the rest of my day."

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Since these former content creators have leaked that there is bad blood between them, fans are questioning what went down between Georgia and the rest of the guys.  

Will one of the Content Violation tour members eventually spill the tea ...?

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