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Source: instagram

Moms Applaud Hillary Duff's Posts About the Trials of Breastfeeding


Hillary Duff penned an eye-opening Instagram post about the harsh realities of breastfeeding to send some love to all the fellow moms who recognize that the feeding struggle is real. Very, very real.

Being a father of two kids, one who my wife is still currently breastfeeding, I'm in awe of how women can get through a day of work, errands, and having some time to themselves, all the while popping out their boob for another human being to have lunch.

The fact that you've got a hungry, living being that depends on your for comfort and sustenance clawing at your body is enough. But then you've got the pain of your boobs swelling up with milk when you can't pump or feed, plus the aftermath of breastfeeding women contend with.

All of that swelling, combined with gravity, will do a number on one's breasts, plus milk production and expulsion is physically draining.

Brestfeeding burns anywhere from 200 to 500 calories a day on average. And preparing healthy meals while you're sleep-deprived and caring for the life of another human being ain't exactly easy — ask anyone who's ever raised a child.

So on top of all that extra mom work you're doing, add the feeling of exhaustion you get from an intense treadmill session, plus the painful contractions breastfeeding causes when you're giving that precious milk to your baby. I'm tired just writing it all out.