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Source: twitter

Tana Mongeau Reveals Unsurprising Truth About Her Marriage to Jake Paul


Is Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau's marriage real? When they announced that they were getting married, of course people immediately started questioning the validity of their relationship. They're YouTube stars known for pushing the envelope, sensationalizing, clickbaiting, and doing whatever is possible/necessary to get those sweet clicks/subscriptions, and follows. As a result, they tend to play dirty. 

And by dirty, I mean annoying.

The throngs of middle-school fans who idolize Jake and Tana gobble up their irreverent antics online, despite how cringe-inducing they can get. Remember the time Jake tried dissing teachers across America in a rap, and then got dismantled by some dude in the middle of nowhere who actually had bars. 

You can dress like a schizophrenic cartoon character all you want, but if you're trying to lay a diss track against educators everywhere, you better come correct.