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Source: hln video screen grab | mascoma valley regional highschool facebook

School Fires Lunch Lady for Feeding a Student Who Didn't Have Money


A cafeteria employee at Mascoma Valley Regional High School in New Hampshire was fired after allowing a student to take lunch despite owning an $8 balance.

Draconian lunchroom laws are being implemented and enforced in schools all over America. From administrators "tattooing" students who can't afford a hot meal, to good Samaritans paying off lunch school balances just so kids can get some proper food, the list of incidents goes on.

While some politicians pride themselves on taking food away from children who look forward to mealtime in school, a larger number of Americans are horrified by the idea of children being turned away from hot meals or given PB&J and an apple while their classmates munch on warm and more filling meals.

Personally, I don't recall liking cafeteria food all that much.

Granted, it was fairly cheap: 75 cents per student per meal, but even when my parents couldn't afford that small amount for all four kiddos every day, the school would turn a blind eye and let us eat. I never recalled any other kid being turned away, nor did any teacher grab my wrist and stamp my hand because I couldn't cough up the dough, nor did they make me feel bad because we were poor. 

And that went a long way for the Muslim kid with immigrant parents and a weird name.