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Mom Saves Baby's Life by Recognizing Subtle Signs of This Life-Threatening Condition


A mom is thanking her lucky stars that she decided to "overreact" to a red mark on her son's arm, because her precaution ultimately saved his life.

Having kids is a nerve-wracking experience, especially when they're so young. Every little fall, scrape, bump, cut, fever, you name it, has you wondering whether or not you should high-tail it to the emergency room and get them checked out.

When my own son got his first really bad fever a few months after he stopped breastfeeding, I was all out of sorts. I'd bring his fever down and then it'd spike back up and he'd vomit all of the food I managed to get him to eat while he was feeling better. The yo-yo effect and high spikes had me ultimately "throw in the towel" and bring him to the hospital. Where all they did was give him some liquid ibuprofen.

As I hugged my shivering toddler and alternated cold compresses on his head, I experienced two conflicting feelings. 

The first: I was pissed that the hospital basically did less than I did for my sick child. The second: why did I feel "shame" in bringing my kid to the hospital in the first place? Why did I feel the need to just "tough it out"?

In the case of this mama, it's a good thing she didn't succumb to those familiar feelings of "parental pride."