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Source: twitter

This "Sexist" Image of a Young Boy and Girl Started a Huge Twitter Debate


A Twitter photo depicting two children wearing medical scrubs while walking through the hallway of a hospital is causing a huge kerfuffle online, with many people calling the image sexist.

I'm friends with a lot of people who've gone through medical school and become doctors, both men and women. My own sister's currently in med school now and absolutely crushing it following her dream of becoming a doctor.

If you talk to any one of them regarding sexism in the workplace, or a double standard when it comes to female doctors vs male doctors, they'll have plenty of stories that range from, "oh boy" to "how in the world did anyone not get in trouble for this?!" Whether it's patients who feel "uncomfortable" with the fact that their doctor is a woman to professors and leadership at universities displaying preferential treatment to male doctors-in-training, it happens.

Even my sister, when speaking with a friend of the family (who is a woman) about her enrollment in med school, was shocked when this friend kept insisting to others that my sister was becoming a nurse, and not a doctor.

Chalk it up to whatever you want, personality traits or a personal grudge, but there's a mindset that people have when it comes to men and women in the medical field: women overwhelmingly become nurses and men are doctors.