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Guy 'Texts' His Neighbor Through the Window and They Become Friends



Steve, who goes by Rustcougarmama on Reddit (love it, Steve) recently shared photo evidence of a quarantine friendship forming, and it's one of the cutest things you'll see all day. 

He wrote, "So I sit at my desk all day and do school work / work-work, and there's a guy in the apartment building next to mine that does the same. We sometimes make eye contact. Yesterday, I had enough; time to make some friends social distance-style!" 

Then he posted a string of pictures, and they're simply the best.

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He taped those signs up on the window he looks out of. His neighbor definitely saw them, because he responded quite quickly. There are a lot of windows that could have seen these signs, but the right dude knew they were for him. 

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They had, after all, been facing each other while working and making eye contact almost every day. While we're all quarantined because of the pandemic, this is how we'll be forced to make new friends. It was already hard meeting new people as an adult!

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This guy was a little uncertain that Steve was talking to him, as you can tell. But of course Steve was talking about him. He's been his work buddy for weeks, and yet, they didn't know each other. That's all about to change, though.

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At this point, they could have exchanged numbers and started texting, but that's probably not as fun as hanging up giant signs. Also, there are a lot of windows, and some other stranger might see your number and use it themselves. I also think texting requires a level of intimacy Steve and his new friend have not achieved yet. So the signs are the best option for now.

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Steve's new friend isn't great at estimating the amount of space he needs to leave on the page to fit all the letters of a word, but that's no matter. That's very minor. Doesn't matter much in the scheme of friendship. 

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Steve was having so much fun with this. He and his new friend seem to have so much in common! Not only were they both studying and gaming, but they both seem to love making friends through the window.

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At this point, they have started a full-on conversation. If I was in one of the surrounding apartments, I would feel so jealous. I want a friend that I meet through the window! I don't have a view of other apartment buildings from mine, except for my neighbors, and we already know them, so that's no fun.

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Steve told Bored Panda that he is from Canada but had recently moved to Denmark for work, so this is all happening in this new apartment in Denmark. It's a pretty awesome way to make a connection in a new place when you're stuck inside all the time.

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I had to look it up, and it seems that Techno-Anthropology is a specific program at a school in Denmark that combines "technological change and empirical studies." It's kind of ironic that this guy is studying the use of technology through the ages while he's literally writing notes on signs and holding them up to a window instead of using technology to communicate with this friend. But that kind of makes it all the sweeter!

Source: Reddit

This is as far as their conversation has gotten so far, but I'm sure they're just getting started. Maybe they'll graduate to Gchat or texting. As Rick says at the end of Casablanca, "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

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