One Woman Is Trending on TikTok After Losing Her Entire Eyelid to a Chihuahua

TikTok user Kelsey Salmon is trending across the platform after losing her eyelid, but many users want to know exactly what happened to her.


Jun. 15 2021, Published 11:02 a.m. ET

Things can trend on TikTok for all sorts of reasons. For the most part, the viral videos on the platform are light and fun. They're meant to be entertaining, which means that they're often jokes or something musical. Occasionally, though, a story that is more horrific breaks through on the platform, and that's exactly what happened to Kelsey Salmon, who recently found herself trending on TikTok.

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What happened to Kelsey Salmon on TikTok?

Kelsey Salmon is a Tiktok user with roughly 140,000 followers, and she was recently trending across the platform for a video she posted in which she told the story of a horrifying lash extension procedure that she'd recently been through.

In the video, Kelsey revealed that she had lost her eyelid after a chihuahua bit her during the appointment. “No eyelid. Can’t even close my eye. Yeah, that’s me. Literally, no eyelid,” she said in the video.

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Kelsey accompanied the video with some pretty graphic images of her eye, and also explained that her eyelid had to be reattached surgically. After the reattachment, Kelsey's eye had to be sewn shut for 10 days in order to heal.

After detailing the horrific aftermath of her surgery and recovery, Kelsey then offered more detail on exactly what happened in the second part of her video series.

Kelsey's eyelid was bitten off by a chihuahua

When she initially posted about her eyelid coming off, some viewers thought it had something to do with her lash extension. Kelsey quickly clarified, though, that while her eyelid had fallen off at her eyelash technician's house, it had nothing to do with the lash extension procedure she was there for.

“She had a Chihuahua… he jumped up and bit me in the face. It happened so fast, I didn’t know what he grabbed. And my eyelid was on the floor,” Kelsey explained.

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After Kelsey was bitten, her technician called 911 and Kelsey was taken to the Emergency Room. She wound up staying there for 15 hours on her birthday while they reattached her eyelid.

Ever since the incident, Kelsey has been documenting her recovery on TikTok. Some of the videos contain pretty graphic content, but they can all be viewed on her profile page.

Source: TikTok
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TikTok users have been reacting to Kelsey's injury.

Ever since Kelsey began to post about her journey, other TikTok users have been reacting to the twists and turns of her story.

“My roommate is very emotionally invested in the saga of a TikTok star whose chihuahua bit her eyelid off," one person tweeted.

“This girl on TikTok was getting her lashes done at this girls house and the girl’s dog f---ing jumped up on the table and BIT OFF her eyelid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hell noooooo!!!!” another added.

“Thanks to TikTok I have a fear of getting lash extensions done with anyone who has a dog in the same location because what if the dog jumps up and bites off my eyelid like what happened to the girl on TikTok," another added.

Kelsey's story has clearly inspired a fair amount of fear and horror from those who worry that something similar might happen to them.

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