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Source: ABC

Who Is Peter's Mom Crying About in the Trailer? We Have a Few Ideas


This season of The Bachelor has been teased as the most dramatic one yet — and for good reason. Even though we're already a couple of episodes into the season, we have no idea what happens in the end, but the trailers have teased at least one plot twist. 

Peter's mother is even in on the drama this season. She tearfully asks Peter to "bring her home to us." 

"Don't let her go," she cries to her son. But who, exactly, is Peter's mom crying about?

Hannah Ann is a clear possible contender.

Let's face it — Hannah Ann is the clear front-runner this season. Besides winning the first impression rose, she's nabbed every spare second with Peter that she can, and is pulling out all of the stops to make him notice her. 

She's sure to make it to at least the hometown dates, if not all the way to the finale. This makes Hannah Ann one of the most prominent possibilities.