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Source: Getty / Twitter

Ted Cruz Tried To Explain 'Star Wars' To Mark Hamill And It Didn't Go Well

By Mark Pygas

Star Wars: The Last Jedi dominated the box office over the weekend. Meanwhile one of the stars of the movie, Luke Skywalker himself — aka Mark Hamill — spent the weekend dominating Republican senator Ted Cruz on Twitter. If you're unaware, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted 3-2 to overturn net neutrality laws last week. 

At the head of the charge was FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, a former Associate General Counsel at Verizon. Before the vote, Pai released a bizarre video highlighting some the things he thinks you'll still be able to do in a world without net neutrality. It included all the important things, like spinning a fidget spinner. 

As you can imagine, the video wasn't received well, and many saw it as condescending. One of those was Mark Hamill, who criticised Pai for wielding a lightsaber during the video... In the words of Luke Skywalker — sorry, Mark Hamill — the commissioner is "profoundly unworthy to wield a lightsaber," something is not taken lightly in Hamill's world. While he was worked up, Hamill went for the kill shot — asking if Pai got permission to use the Star Wars score, created and perfected by the incomparable John Williams, a master of his craft. He hope you got your coin, JW.