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Source: Getty Images

Is John Demjanjuk Ivan the Terrible? Netflix's 'The Devil Next Door' Seeks to Find the Answer


The Devil Next Door is a new Netflix documentary that shares everything we know about John Demjanjuk, a Cleveland autoworker, who was accused of and tried for being Ivan the Terrible, an infamous Nazi concentration camp guard. For a long time, Ivan the Terrible's real identity remained a mystery. But the five-episode series explores every detail of Demjanjuk's life to determine whether or not he really was the evil Nazi guard.

So, is John Demjanjuk Ivan the Terrible?

Was John Demjanjuk the monster behind these terrible, heinous crimes? Or was it a case of mistaken identity? An innocent Ukrainian immigrant who just bore a resemblance to Ivan the Terrible? That's the question The Devil Next Door seeks to answer.