Former Classmates of Ji Soo Accuse South Korean Actor of School Violence

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Mar. 4 2021, Published 3:03 p.m. ET

Korean actor Ji Soo (full name: Kim Ji-Soo) has issued an apology after a person who claims to be the River Where the Moon Rises star's former classmate called the South Korean celebrity out for school violence, specifically, for sexual assault and bullying. 

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In a handwritten note he posted on Instagram, the 27-year-old wrote, "I sincerely apologize to the people who suffered because of me. There is no excuse for my past misconduct. They were things that cannot be forgiven."

Keep reading to learn more about Ji Soo's school violence, sexual assault, and bullying allegations.

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Classmates accuse Ji Soo of sexual violence and bullying at school.

On March 2, a person who identified themselves as a former classmate of Ji Soo's from 2006 to 2008 accused the One Way Trip star of perpetrating school violence in a post on an online forum. "Kim Ji-Soo had a bigger build than the other kids his age at the time," the post began. "Starting in his second year of middle school in 2007, he roamed the school as a delinquent and performed all sorts of bad deeds."

"I was bullied by Kim Ji-Soo and the delinquents in 2008," the post continued, "my third year of middle school. The word 'bullying' is not enough to describe everything. I was a victim of all kinds of school violence like being made an outcast, violence, blackmailing, insults, and abusive language."

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The former classmate concluded that they "don't need an apology about something that cannot be reverted," adding that they wouldn't even believe any apology of Ji Soo's "would be sincere." 

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"There is just one thing I want," they continued. "Kim Ji-Soo. If acting is what you want to do, do it. But keep the title of 'school violence perpetrator' in front of your name forever in your heart. Like me, the countless number of people you bullied will never forget that memory."

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Following the initial post on the forum, other former classmates of the actor spoke out about their own experiences of being bullied at the hands of Ji Soo. Some even accused the Amanza star of sexual violence.

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One anonymous user accused Ji Soo of having sex with a middle school student in a bathroom and accused the actor of being a "womanizer."

Keyeast Entertainment, Ji Soo's management agency, issued a statement after the allegations surfaced, saying that they were taking "this incident seriously" and doing their best to "verify the facts."

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"First, as a very long time has passed since the time that is being addressed, we ask for your understanding about needing time to verify the truth," their statement, which was obtained in full by Soompi, read.

The agency invited "the creators of the posts and the others who came forward" to speak with them directly, and "earnestly ask [the public] to avoid creating and posting parts that have not been confirmed from the information that is being spread indiscreetly."

The KBS drama River Where the Moon Rises in which Ji Soo stars canceled filming on March 4 and is reportedly in discussions about whether or not to replace the main character following these worrisome allegations.

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