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Source: Instagram

Kylie Jenner Weeps for Animals Dying in Australia Fires, Then Posts About Mink Slippers Right After


The wildfires in Australia are so numerous and brutal, that they're generating their own thunderstorms. There's been a lot of news circulating the bush fires, and the ecological and social impacts of such devastation are difficult to even project at this point. But perhaps the most tragic story is the sheer amount of wildlife that's died as a result of the natural disaster.

It's garnered the attention of numerous celebrities, like Kylie Jenner.

Australian comedian Celeste Barber managed to start a movement that resulted in over $30 million of donations to help those affected by the bushfires, which may include the purchase of a water bombing plane to help stymie the spread of them. Meanwhile, Kylie Jenner simply stated the news "breaks her heart" on an Instagram story.

While charity isn't compulsory on anyone's part, many took umbrage with the fact that Kylie, a billionaire, hasn't offered any assistance.