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Source: Nintendo

'Mario Kart Tour' Is Racing to Phones This Fall — Here's How To Pre-Register


Nintendo continues to beef up its mobile game presence with the newest entry in its free-to-play game table: Mario Kart Tour, which is headed to both iOS and Android devices later this fall. Originally announced for release in January 2018, it was projected to launch in March 2019. Unfortunately, it was since delayed to summer 2019, snagging a final release date this week. 

Now, it'll be careening to a device near you beginning September 25. 

This mobile take on the classic Mario-themed racer that got its start all the way back on the Super Nintendo will let you (and your online friends) race through familiar Mario Kart tracks as well as some that look like real-world locations based on Tokyo, New York, and more — all the while hurling items at each other and jockeying for position.