People Are Getting in Character to Complete the Target Dress Challenge

The Target Dress Challenge has taken the internet by storm, as people are posting photos of themselves in character in a particular prairie-style dress.

Shannon Raphael - Author

Feb. 9 2021, Updated 6:03 p.m. ET

Lesley Butterfield and the Target Dress Challenge
Source: Facebook

While the clothing section at Target often has trendy pieces at fairly affordable prices, sometimes the selections fall flat. In the throes of the pandemic, many people began to have fun with one particular Target offering: a dress that many said looked like it came straight out of Little House on the Prairie.

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If you've perused Facebook and you've noticed #TargetDressChallenge, then you've likely seen photo after photo of users wearing these "prairie dresses." Some have simply taken photos in open fields or farmland, while others have accompanied their pictures with captions about life on the frontier.

One woman in particular named Lesley Butterfield, who is based in Virginia, went viral for her elaborate take on the Target Dress Challenge. 

Source: Facebook
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The Target Dress Challenge has become a pandemic favorite.

Many are living in sweatpants, loungewear, and anything else with an elastic waistband during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the dress challenge has given a lot of people something to get dressed up for.

It's unclear when exactly the challenge began, or who started it. Since someone initially pointed out the dress's resemblance to someone from frontier times, people have been buying it in droves from Target. 

The challenge has been going on for several months, but it truly went viral after Lesley Butterfield's post on Jan. 30.

She shared a photoshoot of her wearing the infamous Target dress in brown. In several of the photos, Lesley is holding a farming tool, and in another, she's collecting eggs. 

The pictures went viral, and Lesley has continued to remain in on the fun by sharing insight into the photoshoot and her inspiration.

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The Roanoke resident explained that her ancestors were pioneers, so "frontier life" wasn't exactly foreign to her.

"I saw the dress challenge online and thought it was a hoot..." she told Fox News. "Little did I expect to snag the dress at Target on clearance a few days later when I was picking up milk and bread! I decided to give it a shot because I think we all can appreciate comic relief during these times."

Source: Facebook
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Lesley further went into character by writing a pretend diary entry from the perspective of her prairie age alter ego.

"Since Target has decided we all need a dress as ugly as homemade sin while we suffer amidst the pandemic, I reckon I would join this movement with the rest of the women, down home on the range," she began in the caption of her Facebook post. 

"Journal entry, Day 332 of Pandemic: 'The Pony Express finally arrived into town today, delivering much need letters of encouragement from family and friends alike and alarming news of civil discord. I was so surprised that I nearly burnt the rhubarb cobbler simmering in the dutch oven," she continued.

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"After I churned my own butter, I sold off our fine china made of porcelain, no need for that nonsense anymore under a 10-month long quarantine. I was able to barter for a new cutlery knife from the local general store since my old one was so dull it wouldn't cut hot butter," Lesley wrote. "After daily chores and 5 minutes of homeschool, the girls made corn husk dolls and the boys dipped candles for our lanterns.'"

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After her initial post went viral online (and caused #TargetDressChallenge to trend on Facebook), Lesley joked about selling the look with her pose.

"FYI: I have named this the Pioneer Power Pose," she wrote in a comment. "It tends to work best with a post hole digger and shaved legs."

Lesley's take on the Dress Challenge landed her on the Target website.

Though some would have assumed that the people at Target might be offended by the Dress Challenge, the retail company got in on the joke. One of the pictures from Lesley's prairie photoshoot can now be seen on the company's website. 

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Those who are looking to participate in the challenge themselves may be out of luck for the time being. The infamous prairie dress in the color Lesley wore is in limited supply and out of stock in certain sizes.

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