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Source: Instagram

Beauty Influencer Wvrthy Calls Out Fellow YouTubers Patrick Starrr and Manny Mua


Get cozy because we have more tea to spill. Another day means more social media drama has emerged. Beauty guru Chelsie Worthy, commonly known as Wvrthy, called out fellow influencers Patrick Starrr and Manny Mua after they seemingly stole her editing style. Let’s face it, being the original creator of a trend is a big deal for influencers. So, pawning someone’s idea off as your own is certainly not cool.

Wvrthy recently shared a video of herself putting together a makeup look, set to upbeat music and unique transitions. This cool editing style that she originated has become known as “traptorials.” After the social media influencer posted her video, Patrick and Manny uploaded similarly edited makeup tutorials. Fans called out the two after no credit was given to their fellow YouTuber.