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Source: wwe

WWE 'RAW' Reunion List: Who Will Make an Appearance?


The RAW reunion is set to feature a pretty impressive list of WWE superstars. The special event was first hinted at during the Extreme Rules pay-per-view, which sent long-term pro-wrestling fans into a frenzy. Why? Because some of the most popular "old school" names that helped to put the WWE on the map will be featured on the program.

Whose idea was the WWE RAW reunion?

While the prospect of seeing a bunch of familiar faces that we all grew up with is super exciting, it turns out that the circumstances surrounding the reunion special aren't exactly happy ones. Due to a drop in ratings, USA network executives came up with the idea for both the RAW reunion and bringing back the 24/7 title in an effort to get new fans and those who've stopped watching WWE to tune in.