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Bros Go On 'Homiemoon' To Thailand Before Best Friend Gets Married

Bros Go On 'Homiemoon' To Thailand Before Best Friend Gets Married
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Updated 1 year ago

If we're going by people's Instagram accounts, it looks like everyone and their mother is leading the most glamorous and amazing life imaginable. And although I could go on a million-word rant about fitness and motivational posts and people taking photos of their food, there's something else that really grinds my gears.  

 That darn "follow me" photograph that every couple everywhere is doing. Don't get me wrong, the original couple who started it did their thing and their pics came out incredible.  

I just really can't stand copycats who can't help themselves by shamelessly jacking someone else's swag. In my opinion, it's like this: I get it, you liked the photo, you don't need to do like a million iterations of the pic and put it up on your own Instagram feed.  

Not to mention it's kind of rubbing in your "perfect-for-social-media" relationship in every single person's face.  

So, these bros decided to do something about it by taking a series of their own "Homiemoon" photos.  

Matias Meneses and Pete Podrid have been best friends ever since they joined the high school football team way back when. They even earned the coveted "Best Friends" superlative along with their third bro, who recently got engaged.

Meneses proposed a trip to Thailand for the "tripod." Sadly, their third leg was cut out due to having to take care of engagement stuff or whatever.

"My friend/coworker lived in Thailand for several years and raved about how amazing everything were there. He recently moved back and I had to go visit him and see for myself," Meneses said in an interview with BuzzFeed.

So Meneses and Pete decided to go on a "homiemoon."

"I was just trying to find a play on words with honeymoon. Homiemoon was the one that sounded the best. I’m sure I am not the first person to think of it, but I did arrive at it independently."

So, they decided to celebrate by spoofing the now-famous "Follow Me" photo series. 

"I constantly see pictures of couple and engagement photo shoots which I always thought were a little over the top. The ‘follow me’ pic always seems like the overly dramatic relationship goal. I though it would be funny with burley pete instead of some petite gorgeous woman. If you know Pete, it makes it that much more hilarious." 

They posted the photos to Imgur and people instantly loved them. 

Meneses was surprised by the crazy response their pics received.

"I honestly didn’t think it would go viral. It’s kind of excited and unnerving at the same time., Matias has been wanting to get to the front page of imgur for a long time but always fails. I feel bad for him actually it’s really sad. This was big and I’m so proud and stoked to be a part of it."

So, what are you saving up for: Your honeymoon or your homiemoon?

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