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Twitter Comedian Mocks The Democrats’ New Fundraising Envelope With Even More Ridiculous Version

It seems like politicians are always asking for money. No matter how much you give, there'll never be a time where they won't gladly take some of your hard-earned cash.

In order to get at your money, political parties have employed some clever and some downright obnoxious collection campaigns. One of the worst recent culprits is this Democratic Fundraising letter that's being passed off as a collection notice.

With the DNC's botched approach to last year's Presidential election, this isn't a good sign that they've necessarily learned from past mistakes. But they're not the only party that's employed some shady, money-grabbing tactics. The GOP and Republican candidates have been known to send out some absolutely ridiculous donation pitches themselves.

The Democrats' recent donation strategy caught the eye of comedian Stefan Heck, who provided his own parody envelope that had pretty much the same message.

Which inspired a bunch of other mock-notices.

The bigger question is why are either parties relying on mail campaigns?