The Split House Twist Could Change the Entire 'Big Brother 24' Game (SPOILERS)

What is the Split House twist on 'Big Brother'? It might shake the game up in a major way and viewers want to know what to expect.

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Aug. 19 2022, Updated 9:03 a.m. ET

Julie Chen Moonves
Source: CBS

Spoiler warning: This article contains spoilers for Season 24 of Big Brother.

Another day, another Big Brother twist to totally shake up the game. That doesn't always happen when the houseguests are thrown a new rule or change to the competition, but the Split House twist is sure to divide and conquer by the end of its week-long run. But what is the Split House twist on Big Brother?

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When Julie Chen Moonves revealed in the Aug. 11 episode that there would be a game-changing twist, she didn't give us too many details. But thanks to what we know from the Aug. 18 episode, the twist has the potential to shift the power and alter alliances in a major way.

Taylor and Joseph from 'Big Brother 24'
Source: CBS

Taylor and Joseph from 'Big Brother 24.'

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What is the Split House twist on 'Big Brother'?

After the live eviction in the Aug. 18 episode of Big Brother, we learned what the Split House twist is all about.

According to details from the show and alleged spoilers on Twitter, which were posted ahead of the eviction episode, the twist plays out the entire week leading up to the Aug. 25 double eviction.

The Aug. 18 episode has a Head of Household competition that crowns two winners. Michael wins first place and, because Terrance is the runner-up, he's the other HOH.

From there, teams of five are chosen. One team with Michael as the HOH stays inside the house for "Brochella." The other team with Terrance stays outside for "Dyrefest."

And the entire week is played like this, with both teams refraining from contact with each other and remaining in their respective spaces.

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On Aug. 25, two people will be evicted in a different kind of double eviction. Usually, a double eviction is thrown together at the last minute following a standard live eviction. In this case, the double eviction occurs because there are two games being played at once. It's a Big Brother first and it could mean the end of many of the remaining alliances.

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What are the teams in the Split House twist on 'Big Brother'?

According to spoilers from the live feeds, we know what the teams look like ahead of the Aug. 21 episode. Michael's team is made up of him, Brittany, Taylor, Monte, and Jasmine. Terrance's team includes himself and Alyssa, Kyle, Turner, and Joseph.

Terrance's target, as of right now, is Joseph.

Michael has his sights set on getting Jasmine out.

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What happens if there's a tie vote on 'Big Brother'?

Every other week, there's an even number of houseguests who vote on who should be evicted. In those instances, if there's a tie, the reigning HOH has to cast the final vote to break the tie. And, because we have two teams of five, there's a chance there could be two separate ties that each HOH has to break. If that happens, this twist could pay off until the very end.

Either way, two people are definitely headed to jury on Aug. 28.

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