Woman on TikTok Dishes on Adult Boundaries at Kids' Parties — or Lack Thereof

A woman who works at kids' parties shares a TikTok about grown men not having adult boundaries, and you'll want to hear what she has to say.

Melissa Willets - Author

Apr. 17 2023, Published 1:09 p.m. ET

Warning: Ick factor ahead. Because a woman who works at kids' parties is exposing men who behave badly when they should be focused on cupcakes and leading Simon Says.

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A young woman who shares content on TikTok using the handle @crazieegracie took to the social media platform and shared a cringeworthy story about an adult who acted inappropriately at a party she worked at previously.

Read on for the gag-inducing details.

A woman on TikTok dishes on adult boundaries.

Dressed as Jasmine from Aladdin, @crazieegracie shared a stomach-churning story about a party she worked at while dressed as Wonder Woman.

"The way that it was handled was incredible," she teased the tale of an adult who didn't seem to understand boundaries at the kids' event.

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According to the influencer, "This happens every Wonder Woman party without fail." What happened is that a grown man named Harold approached her for a photo — alone.

"Why would he need that?" she deadpanned in the TikTok.

Soon Harold's wife caught wind of her husband's questionable ask of Wonder Woman and called him out. "Harold, do you want to include your granddaughter in the picture with Wonder Woman?" the woman allegedly demanded.

After the more appropriate photo was snapped, Harold's next move was even grosser. According to the appalled creator, the grandpa asked for her number so he could text her their picture.

"His wife goes, 'She has plenty!'" the TikToker related. And incredibly, commenters soon weighed in with their own stories about adult men without boundaries.

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This TikTok creator isn't the only person with stories of grownups behaving badly.

If only the story shared by @crazieegracie wasn't so relatable. But according to the many comments the video received, others have experienced adult men who seem to have no knowledge that their behavior is inappropriate.

One commenter who works as a waitress shared how many men leave their phone numbers on the receipt "at dinner with their wives!"

"The princess at my party when I was little hooked up with one of my dad's friends," commented someone else, taking the cake for the creepiest story.

Most of the commenters blasted Harold for his actions and empathized with his poor wife. Many TikTok users encouraged her to leave him.

But to be fair, some folks were on Harold's side, with someone imploring the creator, "Do you ever think that we adults grew up watching Aladdin and Wonder Woman? Get over yourself or get a new job."

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It's worth noting that this TikTok creator has a lot to say about her job in general. In another video, she blasted parents who have kids' parties on a weekday, calling this "odd."

Dressed as Elsa this time, she complained that she ends up just entertaining the birthday child since no one shows up to a party on a Thursday. We're betting Harold would be there if he were invited! Just sayin'.

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