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This Science Teacher Blamed J.K. Rowling For A Student's Wizard-Inspired Test Error


I'm not that big of a Potterhead, but even I have mad love and respect for the series that so many of us grew up with. In fact, I know a lot of friends who were pretty much raised by the novels. Rowling's stories have inspired them to become better people. It's a huge part of many people's lives to the point where it's what they live and breath. It might seem like an outrageous claim, but it just happens to be one backed by science, so, yeah.

The Harry Potter universe has influenced us so much that there are words, phrases, and references that seem to come out spontaneously. The other day I was driving past a gaggle of graduating college students and immediately referred to them as Deatheaters and asked my wife, "What are those Deatheater outfits called again?" Granted, I'm not a smart man, but still.

And this latest tweet from a science teacher proves that Rowling's work has even invaded the most basic terms of our lexicon by replacing certain words with potter refrences.