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Source: twitter

Someone Made A Butter Sculpture Of Justin Trudeau Holding Baby Pandas

By Mustafa Gatollari

The internet's obsession with Justin Trudeau has reached near-troubling levels of obsession, because the Canadian Prime Minister just has to go and do so many gosh-darned cute things.

There are his adorable family Halloween pictures, his affinity for colorful pairs of socks, and just generally being a political thirst trap for people who love fantasizing about gorgeous men in power. It also doesn't help that he was capturing snuggling with a bunch of baby pandas. That's right, one in each arm. Look at the grin on Trudeau's face. I never really wanted a career in politics but after seeing him with these black-and-white little balls of cuteness, I think I'm going to reconsider my stance.

I know, the combination of Trudeau's perfect smile, enthusiasm, and adorable, little panda-floofiness is just too much to handle. Yet, here we are.