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Source: Tom Lohdan/Flickr: Creative Commons

The White House Is Infested With Rats And Roaches — And The Symbolism Is Perfect

By Aimee Lutkin

People suspected there were disgusting things going on at the White House since Donald Trump took office, but the fact that the place is now literally infested with vermin seems almost too on the nose? Like, if nature is playing a joke, it should be more subtle. However, it seems there is a literal infestation of several household pests over at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. 

The Hill reports that there have been complaints of mice, cockroaches, and ants throughout the building, with one colony of the latter in John Kelly's office. Like that guy needed anything else making his job any harder or more unpleasant! 

Also, someone broke a toilet in the Oval Office? Is anyone but 45 allowed to use that?

The conditions sound less than optimal for a slum hotel (or one of the Trump family's apartment buildings, maybe), let alone the home of the President and the main place of business for the country's executive branch.