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Wife's Husband Wakes Her up in the Middle of the Night With a Heartbreaking Request


A woman's post to reddit's RelationshipAdvice forum is leaving a lot of people angry and sad.

I am ashamed to admit that there's a certain amount of fascination I have in reading about other people's relationship woes online, and this particular subreddit is a treasure trove of examples that make me appreciate my own existence a heck of a lot more.

Yes, it's a shameful thing to admit, but usually whenever someone's drumming up the courage to post online about their relationship in the hopes of getting some advice from a bunch of strangers, they're at their wit's end and grasping at straws

Some people, you can't but help but feeling that they deserve the misery they're currently experiencing in their relationship. Like of course if your partner won't let you look at their phone and is judgmental of everything you do, they're definitely hiding something and are unhappy with who you are as a person. So end whatever it is the two of you have.

Or you have people who are clearly leaving out parts of the story so they paint themselves in a better light and after a few questions from reddit users it becomes clear that they have problems of their own.