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This Woman's Sister Won't Stop Sexually Harassing Her Boyfriend Right in Front of Her



When I read the title of this Reddit Relationship Advice post — "My (20F) sister's (28F) behavior towards my boyfriend (21M) is horrendous" — I don't know what I was expecting, but it certainly wasn't this. This young woman's older sister is being downright creepy with her boyfriend, and she can't take it anymore. 

OP explains that her older sister was extremely spoiled growing up. "I was never allowed to touch any of her things but she constantly stole my stuff and was always rude to me," she writes, and this is when my Foreshadow Meter flew off the charts. 

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Two weeks ago, OP's sister moved in with her and her boyfriend after her mom begged her to take her in. The only reason she agreed is that her parents are high-risk and she didn't want her sister possibly making them sick. 

But now, she's "starting to regret it." OP writes that her sister's behavior is "creepy and strange and downright disgusting." She ignores OP completely but flirts with her boyfriend constantly. She "tries to touch him by using cheap tricks." When they watch movies, her sister pushes her away from her own boyfriend and tries to snuggle with him. 

So bizarre. But it gets worse. "She slaps his butt when he walks by and loudly tells him how he has a 'perky little butt,'" OP writes. "She also runs her fingers through his hair every day saying, "Whoaaa your hair is so soft." 

She tries to touch his abs and looks for "lost" items in his pockets to touch his thighs. One time, she came out in her bra and underwear and wanted help unhooking her bra, but she went to her sister's boyfriend instead of her sister. When he refused, she got mad. I think I speak for everyone when I say, "Um, WHAT?!?!" 

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Her sister won't even let her have a private conversation with her boyfriend. She's busted up their romantic time claiming to have a headache. "This is driving me crazy," OP writes. "What does she want?" Um, she very clearly wants your boyfriend, honey. 

But when OP has confronted her about it, she has denied what she's doing. As for the boyfriend, he is, OP writes, "so uncomfortable by all of this. He just looks exhausted all the time. He's trying his best to be nice but she's all over him all the time. he's usually very introverted / shy / quiet. He's not very confrontational and I know this is bothering him." 

OP is "done dealing with her," but she's not convinced her family will support her here. So she came to Reddit for advice about how to make her sister and her parents realize that her sister's behavior is unacceptable. 

Commenters put it very plainly. "Kick her out. She is sexually harassing your boyfriend," one person wrote. "If you are feeling super generous, I guess you could have a very frank conversation with her (preferably with your boyfriend in the room) that what she is doing is not only disrespectful of your relationship with your boyfriend but sexual harassment."

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"I’d go as far as to say assaulting him," another person wrote. "She’s physically touching him against his will, clearly making him uncomfortable. She’s walking around practically naked. If roles were reversed, this would be a big f--king deal." 

It's so true. Just because she's a woman and he's a man doesn't mean her behavior isn't wholly unacceptable. They can't keep living like this. Her boyfriend is a victim. And her sister has no regard for anyone other than herself. 

Let me remind you that OP is 20 and her creepy sister is 28! She's a grown adult. As one commenter put it, "She is not a child who you have to look after. She is not blind to what she is doing. She knows what she is doing, is doing it on purpose... 

"She is sexually harassing your bf in front of you. Sexually assaulting your bf? No. Kick her out. If your parents don't like it, too bad. They are sacrificing you in order to keep her happy. Honestly, your sister is a brat and a horrible person." I think that sums it up. 

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