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'Song Exploder' Host Hrishikesh Hirway Is Behind Some of Your Favorite Podcasts



If you've ever wanted to know how some of your favorite artists created their most popular tracks, then you'll want to add Song Exploder to your Netflix list. On each episode of the docuseries, which is based on a podcast of the same name, one singer details the songwriting, production, and execution process of putting together a hit. 

Alicia Keys, Lin-Manuel Miranda, R.E.M., and Ty Dolla $ign are the subjects featured on Season 1, and they are detailing their memories to host Hrishikesh Hirway

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Many people might be familiar with Hrishikesh's voice, but Song Exploder is one of the first times he has been in front of the camera.

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So, who is Hrishikesh Hirway?

The 41-year-old Song Exploder executive producer was born and raised in Massachusetts. He has a sister named Priya Hirway. After attending Phillips Exeter Academy, Hrishikesh obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree from Yale University. 

He majored in Art during his time at the prestigious Ivy League university. He is also a musician, which explains some of his inspiration for Song Exploder. 

His first podcasting hit was Song Exploder, which he created in 2014. Like the TV adaptation of the same name, the bi-weekly podcast series focused on musicians recounting their songs by breaking down the lyrics, detailing their inspiration, and going through the production process. Unlike the show (so far), the host also broke down iconic theme songs from top shows. 

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He stopped hosting the show himself in 2018, and he handed the reins over to Thao Nguyen. Thao retained the position for a year before Hrishikesh returned in 2019.

The likes of Bjork, Lorde, The Killers, and Solange appeared on the podcast. 

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Hrishikesh's next hit podcast centered around TV, and he first connected with his co-host, Scandal actor Joshua Malina, by bonding over their shared alma mater, Yale University. Together, the two created The West Wing Weekly, which goes through each episode of the NBC political drama, The West Wing. 

Many actors, crew members, writers politicians, and public figures spoke on the podcast during its four year run. The final episode came out in January of 2020. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic first caused shutdowns in the sporing of 2020, Hrishikesh came out with a new podcast called Home Cooking. The series was created because people were at home more, and many were spending their time learning how to create tasty meals. 

His co-host on Home Cooking is Samin Nosrat, a chef and the author of the popular cookbook Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat. A Netflix series based on Samin's book launched in 2018.

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Source: Netflix

Hrishikesh's third podcast is Partners. On every episode, a set of romantic or business partners will discuss their relationship to one another and what they are able to create. 

Fifteen episodes of the podcast have been released since it debuted in February of 2020. Guests have included Samin and her illustrator, Wendy MacNaughton, sisters/bandmates Tegan and Sara Quin, and  the co-creators of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Rachel Bloom and Aline Brosh McKenna.

Who is Hrishikesh Hirway's wife?

The podcast creator is married to Lindsey Mortensen Hirway. Lindsey is a senior designer for the women's fashion brand Joie.

The two live in Los Angeles, Calif. together with their dog, Watson. Season 1 of Song Exploder is now available to stream on Netflix. 

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