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What the Heck Is Dolores's Boyfriend's Deal on 'RHONJ'?

Gina Vaynshteyn - Author

May 5 2021, Published 8:48 p.m. ET

Dolores Catania of Real Housewives of New Jersey posted an Instagram photo of herself and ex-husband Frank Catania today, making some fans wish they were still together. But these two won't be getting back together any time soon, since Dolores' new boyfriend is Dr. David Principe. Interestingly, David and Frank actually have a good relationship (and so do Dolores and Frank). It's like one happy family. 

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Except Dolores and David have been allegedly dating since 2017, and they are no closer to getting married. While that's totally their business, fans are wondering why a wedding isn't on the horizon. Does Dolores not want to remarry? Does it have something to do with David's baggage (if he has any)? A lot of fans are over David and feel like Dolores could honestly do a lot better.

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Who's David Principe's ex-wife?

As far as we know, David Principe doesn't have an ex wife. There are no public records of a marriage between David and anyone else, and he doesn't have a social media presence, so it's hard to do any sleuthing around. As far as anyone knows, David has been a bachelor his entire life. Red flags?

david dolores
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Even though they're not married, Dolores makes it clear that her boyfriend shows his love and appreciation regardless. Which, yes, people do doubt. "David doesn't know how to show it on camera, but David tells me every day, 'You're beautiful, you're sexy,'" the RHONJ star told E! News back in December 2020. Still, fans are wondering why David hasn't proposed, especially since Dolores hinted that she wants an engagement ring, per OK! Magazine.

Any time the subject of marriage or even engagement pops up, David always has an excuse to put it off or stops talking about the subject completely. Once, he even blamed the reality TV star, saying they couldn't plan a wedding, thanks to Dolores's busy filming schedule. Ew, David.

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david dolores rhonj
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To make things worse, in a recent episode of RHONJ, a psychic tells Dolores that she hasn't found her true soul mate yet, meaning, she and David are not meant to be together! And apparently, Dolores's deceased grandmother, via the psychic, told her that she seems to like a challenge — for better or for worse. 

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"Your grandmother is saying you like a challenge and that the man has to chase you," the psychic said, adding, "He's not chasing you the way you should be chased. Your grandmother is saying, 'Is he your soulmate?'" 

Apparently not, and the psychic agrees, saying, "He's not [your soulmate]. However, there is a lover out there for you. You'll have chemistry like you've never had before. But it won't be until you're free. So as soon as you're ready to open that door, lover's coming." 

dolores grandma
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And then, Dolores responds by basically saying she's okay with ending things with David. "Maybe David and I will just part gracefully. I'm OK with that," she said. 

"We didn’t need a medium to tell us David and Dolores aren’t soul mates," one fan hilariously tweeted.

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