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Artist Surprises Girlfriend By Drawing Them As A Couple In 10 Famous Cartoons

Artist Surprises Girlfriend By Drawing Them As A Couple In 10 Famous Cartoons
4 months ago

Some of the best gifts I've ever received were always deeply personal ones. Whether they spoke to my interests or were inside jokes, or were handmade and spoke volumes about the person that gave them to me, I cherished them. 

Which is why I went, "D'awwww" after seeing the adorably awesome drawings artist Kells O'Hickey made for his girlfriend, Lindsay.

Kells loves his girlfriend, drawing, and cartoons, so what better way than to combine all three of those things into a perfect surprise gift for his main squeeze?

After they started dating, Lindsay and Kells watched a bunch of animated series together, so he thought it'd be a great idea to draw them, as a couple, in the styles of the shows they watched together.

And they came out amazing.

Up above, you can see them drawn in an unmistakably Simpsons fashion.

Can you guess the shows that inspired the rest of the drawings? I'll put the answer on the bottom, to avoid spoilers.

Bob's Burgers.

Disney style.

Dragon Ball Z.

South Park.

Adventure Time.

Rick & Morty.

Steamboat Mickey-era toons.

Steven Universe.

Family Guy.

Lindsay was floored by the thoughtful gift, and BuzzFeed reported that after she received the gift, she looked at the drawings for a half hour and told him, "I love you to the moon and back."

Kells put the photos up on his Instagram page.

He's got some other awesome drawings up there, including this cute Futurama-style series of sketches of him and Lindsay.

The dude's got some serious talent.