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The Only Thing That Would Make 'The Real Housewives of Dubai' Better Is Lindsay Lohan


Nov. 5 2021, Published 11:58 a.m. ET

It's hard to imagine that anything could make us more excited for The Real Housewives of Dubai. For the first time in a while, the franchise takes its talents outside of the United States, which is quite the treat for longtime fans. But what if Lindsay Lohan appeared in The Real Housewives of Dubai? Try not to actually salivate.

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The idea of Lindsay being part of the cast or, at the very least, as a "friend" of a cast member is almost too much for us to handle. Lindsay isn't married and she never has been. However, it doesn't seem totally implausible for her to be in the show. We know Lindsay calls Dubai home right now, so she's already there.

Andy Cohen
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Is Lindsay Lohan in 'The Real Housewives of Dubai'?

One ray of hope lies with Caroline Stanbury of Ladies of London. She's rumored to be in The Real Housewives of Dubai and she's real-life friends with Lindsay. If Caroline is part of the cast, it seems even more likely that Lindsay could be too. Longtime Real Housewives producer Andy Cohen spoke to Jerry O'Connell on The Talk in November 2021 and didn't exactly shoot down the Lindsay Lohan rumors.

He admitted "it's a good idea," but insisted that the new series had already been cast. Andy also told TMZ that he would "love it" if Lindsay were part of The Real Housewives of Dubai.

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Andy's coyness about Lindsay doesn't tell us much. While he didn't confirm Lindsay as part of the cast, he didn't outright deny it either.

As soon as the series was announced, people flew to Twitter calling for Lindsay to join The Real Housewives of Dubai. Does that mean she's part of it? Not necessarily. But it might be the best "comeback" she could hope for.

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'Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club' only lasted one season.

In 2019, Lindsay was thrust back into the spotlight on her show Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club. After years of being in the tabloids for a myriad reasons, Lindsay seemed ready to be in the spotlight for her work again.

She starred in the reality show at the Lohan Beach House in Mykonos, Greece. The show tried hard to be like Vanderpump Rules, but it missed the mark.

If Lindsay was open to reality TV before, then a career resurgence via The Real Housewives of Dubai seems possible. Right now, all we can do is hope. But even if Lindsay isn't in the first season, it's totally possible that she'll pop in for a potential future season.

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When does 'The Real Housewives of Dubai' premiere?

When Bravo aired the first promo for The Real Housewives of Dubai, there wasn't an official premiere date. We do know, however, that it drops sometime in 2022.

Andy Cohen said in a statement, "Everything's bigger in Dubai, and I couldn't be more excited to launch Bravo's first international Housewives series in a city I've been fascinated by for years, with an outstanding group of friends as our guides."

The Real Housewives of Dubai isn't the first show in the franchise to go international. There are other versions that take place in Australia, Canada, and even Greece. But this is the first one that originated in the U.S. with Andy as its producer to make the leap to another country.

With or without Lindsay, it already has fans hyped.

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