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Francesca and Harry Seem to Have Stayed Together for a While After 'Too Hot to Handle'



It's time to talk about Too Hot to Handle. The latest Netflix dating competition show throws a bunch of gorgeous single people into a fabulous mansion in Punta Mita, Mexico.

But you guessed it — there's a twist. In order to walk away with the $100,000 in prize money, contestants must "give up all hanky panky" for the duration of the retreat, which is one month.

Naturally, we've already picked some favorite singles we're obsessed with, and their names are Francesca and Harry – two players who have zero qualms in having their prize money slashed, as evidenced by their shameless makeout seshes! So, are Francesca and Harry still together after Too Hot to Handle? Stay with us.

Source: Courtesy of Netflix

Are Francesca and Harry still together after 'Too Hot to Handle'?

To further explain how Too Hot to Handle works, there's "no kissing, no heavy petting, and no self-gratification of any kind," per Netflix's official press release. "With every slip, the prize money goes down."

For example, every kiss in the mansion costs contestants $3,000, and having sex will slash a whopping $20,000 off of the total winning prize.

Source: Courtesy of Netflix

But Francesca and Harry are unbothered both by the games and the players they cohabitate with, and cause the prize fund to drop quite significantly (like, by $20,000) over the course of their month in Punta Mita's Casa Tau.

According to Cosmopolitan, the Netflix dating reality show was filmed last year, between March and April 2019. The lag in production also means that any couples who might still be together today have had to keep their relationship status crucially under wraps, so as not to violate their Netflix NDAs.

Harry and Francesca seem to have stayed together after shooting.

On the show, Francesca and Harry were talking about moving to each other's countries: Francesca wanted Harry to move to Vancouver, and the Australian hunk was really open to it!

Source: Courtesy of Netflix

While they might not have made the full-time move, the two definitely visited each other during the summer after filming, as evidenced by several photos on each of their pages where they post with the same car in Vancouver, or the same kangaroo on Queensland's Gold Coast.

"I knew from day one that I didn't just want physical stuff from Harry," Francesca said in an interview with Bustle. "He was someone that I wanted to have in my life."

For his part, Harry added: "I think once I started to get to know her and we started talking about deeper stuff ... I realized that this isn't just gonna be like, you know, a quick fling ... And then as things progressed, our feelings just started exploding, like literally just skyrocketed."

But when Valentine's Day rolled around in February, Francesca dropped a bit of a thirst trap on Instagram, which she geotagged on "Single Island," and captioned: 'Happy V day to everyone getting drunk w their friends tonight & NOT texting their exs ;)."

Here's hoping for a Too Hot to Handle reunion where we can all learn what went down after the show stopped filming. 

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