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Wannabe 'Sugar Daddy' Freaks Out After Girl Posts His Creepy Messages Online

1 year ago

The internet can be a simultaneously beautiful and creepy place. One moment, you're browsing through YouTube video tutorials on how to change a timing belt in your car. While you marvel at how modern technology and the kindness of strangers is allowing you to easily solve a problem from the comfort of your own home, a message pops up on Facebook from a random stranger.

So you check the message, and you're immediately faced with the creepy side of internet, well, humanity really. Unfortunately, especially if you're a girl, this is something that happens way too often.

Like this girl who got randomly propositioned by a dude who wanted to be her "sugar daddy."

The guy either can't get the hint that she's not interested, or just doesn't care.

He then tries to make it about race, because of course there has to be a shallow reason for why she's not interested in a random internet creeper.

Then he calls her a b*tch.

Amazingly, he still tries to flirt with her by bringing up a "time" they met.

It becomes clear he's grasping at straws.

And she's not buying it.

After writing everything that proves the exact opposite, he says he's an "amazing kid" and puts forth his sugar daddy offer again.

Wanting to share his ignorance with the rest of the world, the girl posted his messages online. Which Mr. Sugar Daddy didn't appreciate.

He freaks out and starts swearing up and down that she's going to jail.

Big legal talk from someone who creeps on random girls, propositions them for sex in exchange for money or goods.

But she's not having it.

And even throws some of his stupidity back at him.

Creepers are the worst. (all images found on imgur).