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Everything You Need to Know About Daniel Levin, the College Student Who Was Dragged Into a Cult


If you thought the NXIVM cult was sus, just wait until you hear what happened at Sarah Lawrence College just a few years ago. A father of an undergraduate student began crashing at his daughter's dorm in 2010 and before long, had roped her whole group of friends into a cult, under the guise of advancing the students' self-improvement.

While some of the students under Larry Ray's spell continue to live with the cult leader in New Jersey and have cut ties with their families in order to stay with him, others have managed to escape his spell. Daniel Barban Levin was one of the lucky ones who broke free. 

But is he OK and where is he today? Keep reading for details.

What exactly happened at Sarah Lawrence?

According to an extensive piece by The Cut, who broke this disturbing story, it all began in 2010 when Larry Ray, who had just gotten out of a six-month stint in prison, began to crash on his daughter Talia's dorm room floor.